Monday Night Madness

A Time to Harvest 4.5

The night is dark and full of terrors...

Abelard’s Angels, aka Agents of FOC:

  • Aldus Huxtible, traumatized tweed-wearing grad-student.
  • Barnabas Speltser, dissatisfied flat-foot from Vancouver.
  • Dr. Larry Werstone, Doctor with daddy-issues.

Sunday, Oct. 19th –New Moon begins
At the farm, Marvin nearly fries himself while trying to build their giant bug-zapper (chicken-wire wrapped around the farmhouse, tapped into the generator), so Lynch sends him back to town to check on the others while he finishes up on his own. Rejoining them at the Church as the others finish up at the Sunday Social, Barnabas fills him and the others in on what the schoolteacher Holly Rydell told him about strange behavior among the children of Cobb’s Corners, and her invitation to look at evidence at the school later that afternoon. Stopping off at Dr. Perry’s office to drop off Claudia (who isn’t feeling well due to her recent injuries), they continue on to join Holly at the school, where she shows them the weird poetry and disturbed pictures drawn by her students. After she sees them out (and they promise to show the pages to an Alienist they know), the Investigators debate coming back Monday to see what the kids might be up to. They pause at the Grill to grab some pie before traveling out to visit that old coot they heard about, Alexandru Curza (deciding on Rhubarb)…

Their initial interaction with Curza seems to go south almost immediately, as Curza grabs his shotgun to drive them off (right after he makes a sign against the evil eye), but Marvin manages to defuse things (having recognized the sign Curza made and quickly showing him the children’s drawing and poetry).Curza acquiesces and lets them in and tells them his tail while eating the pie. Afterwards, he takes them out back and up through the undergrowth to show them a clearing with a stone circle, the central stone showing signs of bloodstains. Larry notes symbols dedicated to Shubb-Niggurath carved on the stones, while Barnabas & Marvin spot a Yo-yo. Afterwards they consider visiting the Widow Cratchett, but decide they aren’t presentable after their climbing through the underbrush, instead calling it a day and retreating to the Maclearan Farmstead.

At the Farm, Larry decides to dig up the flowerbed, just in case the story of Sara Maclearan being a Vampire sleeping beneath may be true (finding nothing, of course). After dinner they debate as to their actions for Monday (considering such actions as purchasing dynamite to blow up the stone circle behind Curza’s farm, or investigate the children at the schoolhouse) when an alarm is triggered outside and everyone hustles to take a look (except for Lynch, who hops on the radio to get help from FOC’s security camp, and Marvin, who moves to see if anything is going on out front). Larry, Barnabas & Prof. Drake lose their minds upon seeing a Dark Young in all its’ tree-like glory yanking a foot out of a pit-trap (the others being merely terrified out of their wits). As it charges the farmhouse, Barnabas starts cackling as to how his mother’s stories where right, while Drake starts trying to pull his own hair out, and Larry starts shooting wildly at Barnabas. Samson forces him to drop his gun as Marvin dashes to knock him out with a shot of Morphine. Dr. Matherson hustles Drake to the front of the farmhouse, doing what she can to keep him from harming himself further, while Barnabas weeps over the now unconscious Larry, begging him to tell him why he tried to kill him. The Dark Young slams into the house, the electricity from the chicken-wire having little to no effect. Everyone retreats to the main room as Lynch loses radio contact with the other FOC camp. Marvin shouts for everyone to follow him and charges outside, making a dash for the car, while Samson and Lynch grab up some grenades and head out to lob them at the monster. Aldus and Matherson drag Drake to join Marvin at the car, turning to see the first grenades go off before the Dark Young snatches up Samson and Lynch, while more tendrils slip inside to drag forth the unconscious Larry and screaming Barnabas. From within the car they see it stride with its’ captives into the woods while Marvin presses pedal to the metal and the survivors burn rubber down the road into an increasingly stormy night.


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