Monday Night Madness

A Time to Harvest, Episode 1

Character building - who are our Investigators?


  • Leopold Flanagan, tenured Professor of Religion & expedition chaperone.
  • Adeline “Sunshine” Fredrick, cheerful Anthropology major.
  • Bernherd Whately (of the Arkham Whatelys), Varsity Football hero and Chemistry major.
  • Ethan Froam, dilettante student artist on hard times.
  • Octavia Franklin, dour Archaeology student fated to be a crazy cat-lady.

Feedback? Folks really seem to like the random tables for filling out Backstory and Name, and found them really helpful for rounding out their characters.

This was our character building session for our first “Official” Open-play adventure path from Chaosium, “A Time to Harvest.” I explained the general premise of the campaign (a 6-episode/month campaign revolving about M.U. students in 1930) and we joked about my initial concerns over it only being released 1 episode a month (This is the group that took 17 weeks to finish the short adventure “Crimson Letters,” which presumes resolution in 2-3 sessions). I also explained the guidelines for characters primarily being students (allowing for perhaps one or two being chaperone characters, which led to the creation of Professor Flanagan). Then we went into character-building proper, with me taking special care to point out elements on the sheet that folks may have missed in our prior runs (principally the Temporary/Indefinite Insanity check-boxes and the Major Wound check-box, as well as making clear distinctions for what happens upon reaching 0 HP when you do/don’t have a Major Wound and how that affects healing). Characters really jelled once they reached the Backstory section, with two of the characters finding their significant persons were fellow party members (Prof. Flanagan’s player having a lot of fun discovering his starchy power-hungry characters’ important person was the Football Hero Bernherd Whately, leading to a whole new spin for him having a betting addiction on sports, and Ethan’s player being bemused by his artist’s creepy obsession with sketching Octavia). Characters mostly done we did introductions and some basic exploration as to how or what they might know of each-other, and why they might be going onto a Field-trip to Vermont.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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