Monday Night Madness

A Time to Harvest, Episode 2.9

Where is my mind?

The Arkham Irregulars:

  • Aldus Huxtable, Professor Flannigan’s house-sitting grad-student.
  • Earl Franklin Morgan, upper-classman & Ethan’s new roommate.
  • Ethan Froam, dilettante student artist on hard times.
  • Ripley Cliffe, confused Psychology grad-student.
  • ’Just’ Justin Churchill, Biology major and bird-enthusiast outdoorsman.
  • Gerald M. Mayer, troubled F.O.C. Geologist.

Having agreed to meet up across the street from the Orne Library at 9pm earlier that day once their preparations are complete (rather than meet up for dinner at the Garden Café as they have done almost every other night that week), the gang all slip off to one or another of the dorm-building cafeterias to grab a quick bite before heading off to finish yet one more task. All except Just, who decides to work off some steam at the track while pausing briefly to nibble a light snack, and Earl, who has a lovely time on his date with Cecily at the Garden Café where they discuss music and fan the flames of love. After dinner, Aldus and Ripley join Prof. Wilmarth to persuade chief Librarian Armitage of the seriousness of the threat coming towards the library, while Ethan retrieves his rifle from storage, and Earl takes Cecily dancing. Mr. Meyer has his dinner-date with Prof. Harrold in the cafeteria, where the Professor assures him he has passed on his concerns about Bernard and the dynamite to the Dean of Students and that the Campus is already taking precautions. Attempts to persuade Harrold that Meyer has yet more relevant evidence that he can only show him at his place fail to entice the Professor to return with him to the Witch-House (and into his cunning trap to get the Mi-Go Agent alone).

The gang reunites at 9 as planned, and Ripley regales them with folkloric accounts from Daphne Divine’s diary for the next hour. But as the time for them to slip back onto campus nears, Ethan, Ripley, Aldus and Mr. Meyer all lose their minds, their memories and ability to speak deserting them. When another similarly affected student walks out into traffic and is run over by a truck, Mr. Meyer shrieks, and runs screaming as fast as he can away from campus. The rest hear a dull roar coming from the men’s dormitories, while flames break out at the Dorothy Upton Hall. Just and Earl, unaffected by the malady affecting their companions (and somewhat unaware) race to save Cecily and Octavia, and the others follow at a leisurely and curious pace. While the two hot-blooded young men race into the fiery building and aid in the rescue of many of its’ inhabitants (including their would-be loves), Aldus and Ripley are distracted by a fountain in the quad, which looks cool and inviting, so they wander in and paddle about, getting soaked to the skin, while Ethan – attracted by the noise coming from the men’s dorms – finds a riot and decides to simply hide until everything calms down.

Once Earl and Just are assured of the girls’ safety, they hear thunder crackling from the direction of the Library, and can see flashes of light from within, and realize that it has fallen to them to stop the Mi-Go plan. Just takes advantage of Octavia’s confusion and memory-loss to place the engagement-ring he’d been carrying around on her finger (given to him originally to hold onto by his old friend, and rival in love, John Jeffrey until he returned from Cobb’s Corner – which, of course, he never did). Hustling to the Library they slip in to find the two guards down, pausing only long enough determine they are dead (and to grab up their pistols). Together they slip upstairs in the gloom, noting the Agents seem to be spread about, searching the library while spreading gasoline between the shelves. They are spotted by Bernard and Adeline, and get into a shoot-out on the second-floor. A lightning bolt from Bernard’s alien weapon nearly kills Just, but Earl manages to gun him down.

Hearing dynamite go off upstairs, Earl grabs Bernard’s Electric Gun and continues on, leaving Just unconscious but breathing on the stairs. Reaching the Restricted section he finds the doors blown off their hinges, and Armitage unconscious on the floor. Luckily only Prof. Harrold is there, looting the place, leading to a second shoot-out. This one proves not so fortunate for Earl, who suffers a fatal heart-attack from a bolt of electricity fired from the Mi-Go Agent’s weapon, but not before he manages to take down the mind-swapped Professor with two shots from his trusty .38. The rest of the gang comes back to their senses near midnight, finding the girls’ dorm and the library have both burned down (though both Armitage and Just are found unconscious outside the library building, no clue who rescued them).


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