Monday Night Madness

A Time to Harvest, Episode 3.2

Come into the Lab, and see what’s on the slab…

The Arkham Irregulars:

  • Aldus Huxtable, traumatized tweed-wearing grad-student.
  • T. Randall Freeny, concerned Geology student.
  • Ripley Cliffe, confused Psychology grad-student.
  • Rufus Ellison, guilt-ridden Paleontology student.

It is now the 25th of September, and having had a chance to settle in to FOC’s Detroit Office-compound complex, the Arkham Irregulars are introduced to their fellow team-mates for their return expedition to Cobb’s Corners, the outline for the mission is explained, and are allowed to add their own flourishes to the plan. The other members include Prof. David Drake (team psychologist and folklorist), Dr. Sarah Matherson (team scientist and physician), Larry Nekler (team mechanic), and Sam Morrison (head of security). After the general plan is outlined, Sam asks for a few others to join in the rotation for keeping night-watches at the farmhouse (T. Randal and Rufus volunteer). Beyond adding a laundry-list of gear for personal or party use to that already ordered for the expedition, additional suggestions include: a) Chicken-wire to place across the windows to attach to the radio to both make getting into the farmhouse harder, and act as an auxiliary antenna if the main tower is destroyed, and b) acquiring Nitrate-rich fertilizer to pack into shotgun shells (Rufus argues these experimental rounds should make for better scattershot against the extraterrestrial fungoid Mi-Go).

Their plans now laid, the gang settles in for the next week, resting up, researching and polishing their plans. Ripley and Rufus decide to take up Prof. Drake on his offer of therapy, while Dr. Matherson takes a liking to the scientifically minded Rufus and T. Randal, which leads her to give them a tour of her lab in the basement. Somewhat disturbed by the fishmen mummies found in the Andes, they are more startled by the transcript and recording of Matherson’s interview with a Mi-Go captive, which leads to a discussion over the possible use of vacuum technology for the possible preservation of Mi-Go cadavers (unfortunately the technology they want is not yet available). Hearing about their discoveries downstairs, Ripley decides to lend Dr. Matherson a strange artifact given to him by his sister, Carol, that she acquired from her own nightmarish episode in Vermont eight years prior (see Monday Night Madness report #22, Amid the Ancient Trees ch.5), a peculiar metallic barb his sister refused to explain the origins of.

At week’s end Mr. Abelard summons the team together again, explaining a series of murders up in Canada have been reported, murders bearing eerie similarities to the death of Prof. Learmonth (skull opened, brain missing). Clearly the work of Mi-Go or their agents! To that end he gives them their marching orders – pack their bags and catch a quick flight north to find out what the Mi-Go are plotting up there!


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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