Monday Night Madness

A Time to Harvest, Episode 3.6

Don't lose your head!

Abelard’s Angels, Agents of FOC:

  • Aldus Huxtable, traumatized tweed-wearing grad-student.
  • T. Randall Freeny, concerned Geology student.
  • Oliver ‘Big Ollie’ Hogue, paranoid drifter looking for a free meal ticket.
  • Dr. Claudia Ankins, UFO-obsessed Alienist.
  • Rufus Ellison, guilt-ridden Paleontology student.

This was our 50th session since Monday Night Madness became a Cult of Chaos even, so we decided to do something special and host an Ice-Cream social (everyone having noticed that was the thing to do at Myskatonic). We were joined by old players from prior events and a few of the store staff to share in the deserts and reminisce, and there even was Cake! I was especially pleased I could find some Vermont Maple for the Ice Cream collective. Afterwards most of those not playing took off and we got back to our regularly scheduled game.

(Saturday, Oct. 4th, evening) Claudia, Aldus and Rufus go over what they think they know, and debate how to proceed. Deciding they should return to the YMCFC, they consider sending Claudia in to talk to people since they have yet to see her (I in turn remind them of the plans they have already made prior). Unsure as how to proceed, they turn in for the night. Aldus suffers from torturous nightmares (ala the Unfortunate Events deck), where he dreams he is in the Orne library while it burns, and he witnesses Earl being scalped and brain stolen by Laslow). Claudia can’t find her favorite Crystal, and suspects her new friends of stealing it (again, UE Cards strike).
Meanwhile, Father Dubois takes an unsuspecting T. Randal (still undercover) to the Charnel house, while Big Ollie trails them. At the house Ollie loses his nerve and hides across the street to watch from a distance as the others go inside. Dubois has Randal begin opening boxes while he heads into the kitchen for refreshments, and is caught by surprise by the Priest’s chloroformed handkerchief upon his return. Having been informed by player Austin Big Ollie is waiting 20 minutes before slipping up to the house to see what he can see, little can be done to save poor Randal from being dragged upstairs to have his head cut open and his brain removed. Ollie eventually pops open one of the storm windows to break a window, and when Dubois comes to investigate, convinces the priest he is drunk and looking for his ex-wife. Dubois lets him in to “console him,” and they retreat to the kitchen but Ollie catches the Priest by surprise, slugging him solidly in the head. Unfortunately Dubois spins with his knife in hand and mortally stabs the poor bum. Neither make it out of the Charnel House alive.

(Sunday, Oct. 5th) Back at the hotel, Aldus comes down disheveled, demanding shellfish, and curses out Rufus for having a good night’s sleep. They also receive a telegram from Abelard, urging them to hurry up and resolve their investigation and return to update him on what they have found out, as their main mission is ready to proceed. Aldus and Rufus go get some food to take to the YMCFC while Claudia (still suspicious of her new comrades) heads to a local church instead for services. At the YMCFC Aldus and Rufus note the bruises the Priest is sporting while he gives his morning service, then approach to give their contributions, but fail to make any headway in talking with Dubois and his parishioners.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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