Monday Night Madness

A Time to Harvest, Episode 3.7

Where'd the Priest go?

Abelard’s Angels, Agents of FOC:

  • Aldus Huxtable, traumatized tweed-wearing grad-student.
  • Marvin Jonson, FOC Accountant (and Swashbuckling Man of action!).
  • Ripley Cliffe, confused Psychology grad-student.
  • Officer Barnabas Speltser, dissatisfied flat-foot from Vancouver.
  • Dr. Claudia Ankins, UFO-obsessed Alienist.

(Sunday, Oct. 4th, continued) After services at the Church Claudia meets local “businessman,” Barnabas Speltser (a local cop asked by Dt. Degarmo to keep an eye on those suspicious Americans on the down-low) while she is asking around for a local translator and tour-guide. Together the two walk back to the YMCFC.
Back at the Hotel, late-rising Ripley meets the rather intimidating Mr. Jonson, who just arrived by train to make sure the students haven’t been wasting Mr. Abelard’s money and to help them hurry up and finish so they can return to Detroit. After lunch Marvin grills Ripley over what has happened so-far and Ripley admits Aldus is the one paying attention to the money. Afterwards they take a nice long hike about the lake while waiting for the others to return.
Aldus and Rufus are pressed into service by Father Dubois to serve the lunch, and Rufus comes down with food-poisoning, leaving a harried Aldus overwhelmed by hungry disheveled men for the next few hours. When Claudia and Barnabas arrive and make introductions, Aldus decides to retire back to the hotel with Rufus to turn in early (he still is short on sleep from his recent spate of nightmares). Claudia and Barnabas fail to chat up the homeless at the YMCFC, and fail to find the Priest, so they return to the Hotel as well.
With everyone returned to the Hotel the gang pause to make introductions and go for a walk to discuss the mission (and perhaps why Barnabas is so willing to lend a hand). Marvin grills Aldus over the details of their expenses, while Barnabas endeavors to find out why FOC has sent them to La Tuque. Marvin gets them all to agree to spend only three more days on the job (and give Randal a chance to pop up with some info from his undercover work – not knowing of course of his recent demise). They return to the Hotel and turn in, and Aldus continues to suffer horrible nightmares (thankfully none of which he can recall).

(Monday, Oct. 5th) Claudia attempts to give Aldus a little pop therapy in the morning, but he reviles the idea of Hypnotherapy. Together the gang returns to YMCFC. While the others attempt to chat up folks in the main hall (and see if Randal might have finally shown up), Ripley looks for the Priest in his office while Barnabas keeps watch. Ripley finds the office empty and the phenology head gone, while the others note the men are even more surly than usual, eventually revealing that the Priest didn’t serve dinner the previous evening, and that no one has seen him since yesterday. Heading upstairs, Barnabas breaks open Dubois’ bedroom door to find the place empty, with evidence someone had hastily packed. With their best lead missing, the gang wanders back to the Hotel with no clue how to proceed.


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