Monday Night Madness

A Time to Harvest, Episode 3.8

Brother, can you spare a dime?

Abelard’s Angels, Agents of FOC:

  • Aldus Huxtable, traumatized tweed-wearing grad-student.
  • Marvin Jonson, FOC Accountant (and Swashbuckling Man of action!).
  • Ripley Cliffe, confused Psychology grad-student.
  • Officer Barnabas Speltser, dissatisfied flat-foot from Vancouver.
  • Dr. Claudia Ankins, UFO-obsessed Alienist.
  • Dr. Larry Werstone, Doctor with dady-issues.
  • Sister Mary Unis, Nun seeking THE TRUTH.
  • Rufus Ellison, guilt-ridden Paleontology student.

(Monday, Oct. 5th, continued) On their way back to the hotel after failing to find where the priest might have run off to, the team is rejoined by Rufus (now recovered from his bout of food-poisoning), and brings him up to speed. While they talk they are approached by another homeless man, this one with a gruff American accent who introduces himself as Mickey, and asks if they can spare a dime. Aldus parlays from him his knowledge of the Priest Dubois and his former friend Roach for a fine sum (made larger to annoy Abelard’s accountant Marven Jonson), eventually getting from him the location of Dubois “other” house. Once he leads them there Mickey takes his leave. Poking around, the gang can’t see much through the broken window, so they split up. In the backyard Claudia and Rufus discover scalps buried in the yard. Sending Marvin off to get the police, Barnabas reveals himself as a cop and takes charge. He, Claudia and Ripley (after some argument) head inside while Rufus and Aldus keep watch outside. The explorers in the house quickly find Ollie’s corpse in the kitchen, slumped in a pool of his own (somewhat dried) blood, as well as blood residue in the sink, as well as note a strange chemical smell. Finding nothing else of interest on the main floor they let the others in through the front before heading upstairs. In the first room they find Dubois’ grisly “trophies,” and Rufus begins to worry upon finding Randal’s name ending a list along with the other victims. In the second room they find the remains of T. Randal Freeny, their former comrade who had gone undercover only days before, leaving several of them sick and shaken. The police finally arrive, and compliment them (including Barnabas) for finding a solid lead on a suspect. Dejected and depressed, the gang collects themselves and finally return to Detroit (along with Barnabas, who quits his job with the La Tuque police department in hopes of finding employment with Abelard).

(Tuesday, Oct. 6th) Back in Detroit Abelard is disappointed in their results, but agrees to let Barnabas join the team. He also introduces them to two other recruits, Sister Unis and Dr. Werstone. Given the new additions (and recent loss) he explains – again – the intent of the team and goes over the planned expedition to Cobbs Corners, as well as the challenges of the MiGo menace, while Dr. Matherson explains to the new faces what is known about the alien invaders. Spending the rest of the day going over plans for the mission or recovering from their trip to Canada, that evening they are summoned back to the main meeting room to celebrate finally being able to set out on the expedition they’d been hired for the following day.


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