Monday Night Madness

A Time to Harvest, Episode 5.1

Ashes, Ashes, we all fall down...

Abelard’s Angels, aka Agents of FOC;

  • Aldus Huxtable, traumatized tweed-wearing grad-student.
  • Dr. Sarah Matherson, Obsessed Xinobiologist.
  • Dr. Claudia Ankins, UFO-obsessed Alienist.
  • Marvin Jonson, FOC Accountant (and Swashbuckling Man of action!).
  • Prof. David Drake, Balding company Psychologist.
  • Sebastian Mantei, skeptical Antiquarian out of his depth.

(Monday, Oct. 20th –New Moon)

We start with Sebastian, recently hired by Abelard to join the team with only a sketchy outline of Aliens and artifacts he can’t identify (he hadn’t really listened, but for what Abelard was paying he figured he could humor him), who arrived in Cobb’s Corners earlier Sunday evening, when his car died while passing through town. Seeing bad weather coming he decides to take a nap in his car and hunt for a mechanic or a ride out to the Maclearan farm in the morning, but is awoken to a scream. Seeing someone laying in the road he runs out and the man dies in his arm, muttering about “the Children…”, so Sebastian runs across the street to the Sheriff’s Office, where he is greeted by the rest of the Investigators, armed to the teeth, guns aimed at him.

After several minutes of introductions (and panic and dubious distrust on the part of Sebastian), the gang gets excited hearing he has a car outside and they all head out to see about fixing/starting it. They’re not having much luck when they hear children singing and see seven of them skipping down the street towards them (several armed with shotguns, one waving a knife, another a rock, all covered in blood). Despite Sebastian’s brief incredulousness, the Young attack, and a firefight brakes out between several of the Investigators and the gun-toting teens (Marvin taking cover in the Sheriff’s Office while the others hide behind various cars). Drake is caught in the open by the younger children, and is knocked unconscious from repeated blows and stabs (and biting from the youngest). Several of the younger children are knocked out, and two are killed in the gunfight, but not before a Dark Young comes waddling across the bridge. Huxtable runs screaming, and Sebastian grabs the (now hysterically blind) Dr. Matherson and follows him. Claudia joins Marvin in the Office, and they watch in horror as the Dark Young snatches up Drake and the unconscious/dead children to feed. Claudia chucks a grenade, killing all but the monster itself, and the two Investigators slam the door and rig the gunpowder to explode as they flee out the back. The Sheriff’s Office goes up in flames as the Dark Young breaks his way through, looking like some deranged Christmas tree covered in roasting corpses.

Though they consider grabbing a boat to get across the river, Marvin and Claudia soon realize the river and far bank are crawling with more Dark young, so they work their way around the edge of town, aiming for the library, just as Sebastian and Matherson do, but both pairs spot the four Young prepping for what appears to be a book burning and retreat to Main Street to make a run for the Church.

Half-way there though they (along with a somewhat recovered Aldus Huxtable) pause at the edge of the park, where they spot Deputy Cutter and his sacrificial pile of locals, with yet more children dancing and singing about them, two more Dark Young waving and hooting to their tune. Beyond they spot another Dark Young watching over eight prisoners yet to be sacrificed. Without hesitation Marvin raises his Browning Automatic Rifle and puts a single bullet through Cutter’s head just as the dark clouds above open up and tendrils start spilling forth, as Shub-Niggurath begins to manifest in Cobb’s Corners.

And of them all, only Aldus Huxtable retains any semblance of sanity.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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