Monday Night Madness

Amidst the Ancient Trees, chapter 3

Cabin in the Woods

Sunday, June. 25th, 1922 – Awoken at midnight by a mysterious explosion some miles to the north, Ward and Jonson (on watch at that point) spot a weird lingering blue glow that lingers for a few moments afterwards. Edith and Anne-Ann, tormented by horrid nightmares, both awake screaming. Before anyone can stop her, Edith runs shrieking into the woods, Antony in pursuit. Anne too is hysterical, but Father Ward manages to calm her down. In the confusion Hayward steals Edith’s hip-flask from her tent (Jonson sees him poking about her belongings, but not the theft itself. Hayward lies, stating she said he could have some, then pretends to put it back (though instead pocketing it). After debating going after the sniper, the corpse or Edith & Antony, they decide against it and return to bed. In the wee hours of the morning they break camp quietly and attempt to sneak up on the sniper, only to find him long gone. Before they continue on, Father Ward holds an abbreviated Mass. Carol, a loudly proclaimed Atheist, sits out on watch, while Hayward asks if they can just skip to the communion. Afterwards, Hayward marks the campsite with “WH” carved into a tree, as well as on their map (best guess as to location). Carol takes point and manages to again find their trail. As they travel, Ward, Emilia and Anne realize they can hear no sounds of local wildlife. The looming silence terrifies Anne-Ann and runs shrieking into the woods, ranting about Brown Jenkins and a Cabin in the Woods, surrounded by golden leaves. Ward, Carol and Hayward manage to catch her and calm her down, and retrace their steps to the rest of the search party and the trail. Around noon they find a Cabin in a clearing, outside of which a man hangs impaled on a tree. Catching them by surprise, someone starts firing at them with a shotgun from the Cabin. Anne freaks out and begins shooting wildly back, until Ward wrestles the gun from her, then talks the man in the Cabin down as well, giving them the chance to give Hayward some desperately needed first aid (having been caught in the crossfire. In talking with the man (who proves to be Harris, one of the kidnappers caught in the shootout with the police a few days ago), they find out about how he’d retreated to the Cabin (their hideout) yesterday, only to find the member of their gang left to watch their captive impaled on the tree outside, and the girl, Jane Strong, missing. Then, last night, the Cabin came under siege by dead men dressed as civil war soldiers. He managed to drive them off, but is otherwise too terrified to leave. The Search Party decide to pause for lunch, before setting off again, this time to trail the undead kidnappers…


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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