Monday Night Madness

Amidst the Ancient Trees, chapter 5

Darkness Falls...

Sunday, June. 25th, 1922 – Carol and Emily finish resting and hustle to catch up with the rest of the Search Party. Spooked by the unseasonal golden leaves covering one of the paths where it branches off the main one (similar to a dream Carol had recently had), they see smoke, and decide to investigate. Finding a burning cabin, they do not stop as screams from the nearby beach add urgency to their continuance. At the beach they find five dead bodies, holes in their chests, at least one with their throat cut, near poles, cut rope and strange metal barbs. Before they can examine these things more carefully, gunshots further down the beach spur them onward, and they soon catch up with the other investigators and two dead surveyors (whom they claim were more undead who’d attacked them with knives). Howard and Edith manage to stabilize an unconscious Jonson before others tend to Edith’s own severe injuries (Hayward’s hands won’t stop shaking). The others unbury and wake Father Ward and calm the clearly delusional Anne-Ann. Finding Jonson’s stash of morphine, they decide to drug him and Anne-Ann and leave them hidden in the woods with Emilia babysitting, while they head onward to see if they can steal the truck from the dig-site to drive their injured back to town (Jonson in clear need of immanent surgery). A brief backtrack to the dead artists on the beach allows Edith to puzzle over the organic nature of the metal barbs, until Ward recalls reading something about the Old One Glaaki and how he makes servants to aid him in gaining his freedom. Continuing on, they reach the dig-site near dusk. Spying it out with binoculars, they note only two workmen, so Edith sneaks up to take cover behind one of the five cabins (this one having its’ windows boarded up, they suspect it to be the holding-place for the missing individuals). The others attempt to follow, but Ward trips and is spotted so Edith begins laying down cover-fire with her rifle while Antony Flinders and Ward charge the two surveyors. Meanwhile Carol and Hayward rush to pick the lock on the cabin door and slip inside. When Flinders blows a hole in one of the mineralogists, Ward loses his mind (again), realizing he is contending with yet more undead. Antony is knocked unconscious with a well-placed shot from a shovel before Ward clubs one down with his sand-filled shotgun and Edith can finish off the other with a well-placed shot. Edith sprints across to the truck while Ward looks on, overcome with a sudden wave of paranoia as to what his so-called friends will do now. Meanwhile, Hayward and Carol make their way into the boarded-up cabin where they see beyond the small office two doors. Each open one and enter (though only Hayward has an electric torch). He smiles, seeing the missing girl, Jane Strong, as well as the two Halls, but turns when he hears a disturbance from behind. Turning, he finds Carol, unconscious, three walking corpses in civil war garb stepping over her to block his escape. One smiles, and gently shuts the door…

Quote (Edith): “My weapon next week is a truck!”


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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