Monday Night Madness

Amidst the Ancient Trees, chapter 6

From the depths it rises...

Sunday, June. 25th, 1922 – As night falls Hayward finds himself the only one still standing to face three undead union soldiers standing between him and the only exit to Cabin #4 (behind him the missing girl Jane Strong, along with the missing hunter and his son, wait, bound and gagged), Carol’s unconscious body resting nearby. Outside and unaware Edith hobbles as quickly as she can towards the truck, the two dig-site workmen that were in her way lay dead, while Father Ward looks on, his mind slipping ever deeper into paranoia, an unconscious Flinders in a heap at his feet, as is Flinders’ shotgun. Elsewhere in the forest Jonson comes to (despite being doped up on morphine) in the company of the mad Anne-Ann and a worried Emilia Webb. Seeing the smoke and glow from the civil war cabin, he hobbles up and out towards it, Anne-Ann excitedly encouraging and Emilia calling them back without success. Arrival at the burned-out structure brings new terror as the sun finishes setting and two more undead in union blue pull themselves up out of the ruin. Though a terrified Emilia manages to escape back into the woods, Jonson is quickly and easily subdued. Anne-Ann, laughing, strips and goes up to embrace them. Back in Cabin #4, Hayward – still injured and ever an invalid – is quickly subdued by force after the Captain of the undead northerners fails to command him to set down his gun through force of will. He is dragged outside, where Edith manages to make it into the truck, only to be shot by Father Ward using Flinders’ shotgun. Hours later, Jonson, Edith, Carol, Flinders and Hayward come to to find themselves tied to stakes along the beach, along with a laughing Anne-Ann and a wild-eyed Father Ward (along with the other remaining kidnapped victims) as the undead union soldiers wait at the shore, watching as their Captain summons forth something from the lake. As they watch the Old One, Gla’aki, bubbles up from the depths, driving Ward and now Flinders deeper into madness. Though several of them attempt to wiggle free of their bonds, only Carol and Jonson succeed, abandoning their friends to flee into the forest. Those left behind are stung by Gla’aki’s wicked spines, making them its’ undead minions (all save Edith, who bleeds out after reopening her injuries while struggling, dieing before he can stab her, and Anne-Ann, thanks to the warding of the strange, eldritch tattoos placed on her in that strange Opium den back in Arkham). Jonson outlives his friends by only a few hours, falling dead on the trail after his own wounds reopen. Only Carol and Emilia fully escape back to civilization, but tell no one of what they have seen. A week later, only Anne-Ann is found at the dig-site, wandering, completely mad. With a new Gospel on her lips.

Quotes: “I’m taking illiteracy as a skill!”


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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