Monday Night Madness

Crimson Letters, ch 1

A New investigation begins...

Meant as an introductory campaign for players to the new edition of the rules, we had a good mix of players covering the spectrum of inexperienced to familiar (from no experience with table-top to fairly experienced with prior editions of CoC). As this was actually the fourth session of “Monday Night Madness” at Games of Berkeley, we first spent a little time concluding the scenario “Dead Light” (with much screaming and running, and jumper-cables), then pushed the calendar from 1920 to 1921, allowing the initial characters to recuperate and make experience checks. Then they (that being an Opium-addicted PI from SF and his ex-burglar secretary) found themselves in the Office of the Dean of Admissions at Arkham, along with a Priest and a Parapsychologist (and the beginnings of a bar joke they are still trying to sort out). After initial descriptions & introductions they went in to meet Dean Fallon and proceded to begin the second scenario in the new core book, “Crimson Letters.” Our fifth player was introduced while two of them were speaking with the coroner and examining the dead professor’s body (player had arrived late and had been hammering out her character up to that point), a medical forensics grad student working for the coroner who had been overly curious about the state of the corpse.the remaining two (the Parapsychologist and secretary) searched the deceased professor’s office, finding a matchbook for the road-house and oddly melted shattered glass. They also interview (and become mildly suspicious of) the professor’s grad student, Emilia Court. Reunited (joined by the corroner’s assistant), they agree to check out the Professor’s house next.

All in all session lasted three hours (which is the planned standard for this group, from when folks can get in after school or work, until just before the store closes). To keep the game wheelchair accessible we are playing in the back-room of the store, and should be listed under events on the Games of Berkeley website.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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