Monday Night Madness

Crimson Letters, ch 3

Drinking games...

We have a new face bringing in a rival historian/professor Hayward from Myskatonic University, hawk-nosed and small of stature, who – as a member of the local temperance league is scouting out the Hibbs Roadhouse for the rumored speakeasy hidden in back – has a run-in with the Priest waiting in the outer room with a soda. Their interaction leads to this routine:¬† . Upshot is Father Ward leads him inside and introduces him to the rest of the group, who themselves have been attempting to socialize with varying degrees of success to discover who might know the deceased Prof. Leiter. The girls, Carol & Edith, get rather drunk & have fun avoiding the local wolves, while Johnson, in cahoots with his new friend Lucy Stone (and, perhaps a little less willingly, Father Ward), manages to browbeat Hayward into drinking a large frothy beverage of indeterminate origin. The girls, having failed to elicit a response from the gentlemen flattering them with name dropping, return to see what their comrades are up to. Prof. Hayward makes the mistake of badmouthing Edith – referring to her as a harlot – and she cold-cocks him on the spot. When Prof. Leiter’s name comes up in conversation Lucy reveals her surprise, agrees that she knows him and tells them to meet her on break in an hour. Later, as the crowd thins (and Prof. Hayward nurses a black eye with a bag of ice), she talks with the sobering investigators over coffee and agrees to tell them anything they want to know, but only after they let her see the body. With that they relocate back to the Morgue, not spotting the tail they’ve picked up by certain other interested parties. Edith, making use of her keys as Doctor Wheatcroft’s assistant, opens the morgue up and pulls out Prof. Leiter’s body, whereupon his rival, Prof. Hayward, makes the mistake of getting a little too close and the body animates, grasping him about the neck! Meanwhile, Carol (who was waiting outside rather than look at the body yet again), meets the mobsters who’d been tailing them. Escorted inside, they shout “found you at last, Leiter!”, just as Prof. Hayward is again knocked to the floor by the undead Professor rising from the slab…

Quotes for the session: “This is brilliant!” and “Strangle the new guy!”


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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