Monday Night Madness

Crimson Letters, ch 4

Unquiet dead...

New player joined in as Annie-Anne, recently having taken over her father’s business as an undertaker. Ariving on campus to finalize forms to collect Pofessor Leiter’s corpse, she arrives at the Coroner’s office just in time to see Lucy Stone screaming as Leiter’s corpse knocks Prof. Hayward to the floor. Lucy flees, the Mobsters threaten and end up fighting the undead Leiter, while Edith, Alexander and Franklen wrestle the dying Professor into a supply closet to perform emergency first aid (and hide, of course). Annie-Anne makes Carol’s acquaintance as the later ineffectually shoots Leiter before the to flee the building. In the confusion the investigators manage to lose track of Lucy, the goons, and the zombie. They eventually all meet again in the parking lot, where Annie-Anne gets some muddled explanations (enough that she decides not to share any of it with her two assistants, Frank & Stan, instead sending them back with an empty hearse and a flimsy excuse), and they all either go to the hospital to tuck Prof. Hayward in, or head off to their beds to have a poor night’s sleep.

Music has often been a component of setting the mood for the game, as I bring an iHome to the store to play mythos mood music (such as the Sense Impacts album) or 1920s themed music (a mix of Louie Armstrong and the Boardwalk Empire soundtrack, amongst others), which has been well received. Bemusingly, one of our players has also contributed in this, streaming 1920s music from his iPhone, and brought an acoustic Gramaphone iPhone amplifier which really augments the tone nicely (gives it that old radio flavor).


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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