Monday Night Madness

Crimson Letters, ch 5

Splitting the party...

With Prof. William Hayward dropped off at the hospital to recover from being nearly killed by Leiter’s corpse, the rest of the Investigators finally pause to get some rest after Anne agrees to forge records with Edith to cover up the disappearance of Leiter’s body. Meeting up the following morning they review what they know of the case so far, and decide to split up to do more legwork. Detective Harvey Wallace (having mostly recovered from his bender) decides to follow up the gambling debt angle by speaking with the local Irish Mob-boss Danny O’Bannion at the Lucky Clover Cartage Co. While O’Bannion had no clue about the goons after Leiter from Atlantic City, he is certainly taking a keen interest now. Frank Johnson uses an old college contact, a poet by the name of Malcome Renolds, as an in to join the Eye of Amara society (since it is invitation only), though they seem to know little about Leiter or the papers he was working on. Anne the Undertaker and Father Ward visit and end up joining the Arkham Historical Society after a nice conversation with the curator, Mr. Peabody. Much of their time is spent reading, as Ward pokes through old newspaper articles in the basement. Anne goes mad from a cursory reading of their copy of Thaumaturgical Prodigies in the New England Canaan (her encounter with the Zombie last week having left her a believer), and she leaves, wandering the streets for hours until coming back to awareness standing outside of the Witch House (the oldest home in Arkham, and former residence of Keziah Mason). Anne hasn’t quite realized that she also has started to mutter to Brown Jenkins when she sleeps or is distracted. Edith and Carol in turn visit Abner Wick’s antiquity shop, Unconsidered Trifles, are are dutifully suspicious of Mr. Wick (and the copious amount of cologne he wears), but prove to subtle in their conversations with him to find much of anything useful from him. They are perhaps not concerned enough of his two assistants, Hector and Carla, as they follow them about the store being “helpful.” Finding no easy access to the back of the store (and noting Wick observing them), they decide against trying to break at this time and take their leave..


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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