Monday Night Madness

Crimson Letters, ch 6

Plans and actions...

After the investigators little splitting of the party for last week’s investigations, they get together for Chinese at a hidden little restaurant Detective Wallace knows of (his secretary, Carol, having left for a much needed vacation, has left him her notes – as the player of said character has had to leave us for college). They are also rejoined by Prof. Hayward, fresh from the hospital, seeking an explanation about his zombie colleague (still badly injured at 3 hp & with a major wound, he was warned of the risks, but you can’t keep a good mysoginistic investigator down – even if he is described as a young Montgomery Burns). After some discussion they decide to break in to Unconsidered Trifles just after midnight, leaving Father Ward as lookout with Anne (because the good father finds their plan immoral, but not so much as to stop them, and Anne is acting… strange – the player was really enjoying reacting to the funny little Brown Jenkin voice I was making that only she could hear). The job is quickly scuttled when Wallace breaks his lock picks in the lock while trying to get into the store loading bay (he fumbled fairly badly after pushing the roll). Retreating, they make plans for the following day before retreating to their separate homes for the night. The following day Dt. Wallace sees to getting his lock picks replaced, and picks up a telegram forwarded by the dean from Arkham Asylum regarding one Cecil Hunter. Meanwhile Father Ward and Anne visit Unconsidered Trifles for a second recon (having not been in there yet themselves). Anne discovers a book on Billington Woods while looking for information on Arkham Witches, and spots an old photo of the Billington Estate (and a mysterious tower hidden beyond). They both have odd interactions from the staff, but their line of questioning leads to them receiving an invitation to dine with the owner & proprietor Abner Wick the following night. Edith Cordosa and Prof. Hayward decide to do their own follow up at the Historical Society, intending to examine the book that gave Anne such confusion. After spending an hour just trying to find where she hid it, they too sit for a solid look-over of the tome, the Thaumaturgical Prodegies in the New England Canaan, after which Edith shakes herself from a vision of being a Greek Mynaed, and discovers herself throttling the now half-dead Prof. Hayward (requiring immediate first aid and another rushing back to the hospital). She successfully covers his collapse up as a relaps of his prior injuries, but is now also struggling with certain violent urges towards those evil evil men who burnt all her sisters way back in the day…

Quotes for the session…
Anne: “You did something stupid!”
Hayward: “I read a book!?!”


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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