Monday Night Madness

Crimson Letters, ch 8

Look who's coming to dinner...

This session the PLAN was for Anne & Ward to answer Abner Wick’s dinner invitation, for Edith, Wallace & Jonson to use that time to break into Unconsidered Trifles, and for Prof. Hayward to spend the night resting at the hospital. But short two players, Jonson’s player decided he was unsuited to breaking and entering on his own, prefering to spend the session researching in the Eye of Amara’s library, eventually settling on reading the recently released “The Witch-Cult in Western Europe,” by Margaret Murray (which I had great fun describing the contents of, implying all sorts of subtle hints about the Horned God cult to whom Murray argues medieval Witches worshiped, never once pausing to explain this was an actual occult reference, not a mythos tome, that he was reading). Prof. Hayward struggled with strange manifestations at the hospital, hallucinations (?) that seemed like burning eyes leading his gaze to French Hill and to a mansion outside of town. He then narrowly averted shooting the nurse when she came in suddenly behind him (his gun tucked behind out of view and then replaced under his pillow), who promptly upped his morphine dose. The meat of the evening of course was the dinner, where Annie-Anne & Father Ward met at Arkham’s most expensive restaurant, Crawfords, with Abner Wick. There they were reintroduced to Emilia Court (played by Hayward’s player, who I felt needed more play-time than being an invalid in the Hospital). Pacing the evening with the assorted courses served, Wick’s insinuating conversation got across his interests in the case (that he had been a “partner” to Leiter’s side business in selling antiquities, that Leiter had “encouraged” a bidding war over the Arkham Witch-trials manuscript but had died before selling it, that other “parties” were after the manuscript, that such manuscripts were “dangerous” in the wrong hands, and that Wick would pay handsomely for the manuscript “no questions asked”). He also coaxed some missed information out of Court (principally Leiter’s academic rivalry with Prof. Roach and Prof. Hayward – yes, Haywar’d player decided to stick it to his own character). Ward and Wick had some very good banter about death, resurrection, Jesus & the Bible (Ward knew little of Zombies, but argued Episcopalians were not that literal after all and that he’d really rather not think about it thank you very much). Court also mentioned Leiter’s girlfriend Lucy living near the Roadhouse, and Anne kept twitching and having unsolicited conversations with Brown Jenkins (attempting to entice more advice from her delusion). Anne did warn Wick of the “Burly men from Atlanta” who were interested in the case. After dinner (and away from Wick) Court warned the Investigators of her own rival, grad-student Anthony Flinders before they part ways. Ward & Anne then stopped off to check in on Hayward before turning in for the night, noting his mumbling about the lights he saw, and the damaged window similar to the mirror Ward saw in Leiter’s office.

Quotes of the day:
“Stop rolling badly! Stop using up all your luck!”


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