Monday Night Madness

Our heroes:

  • J.C. Whitmore, Frontier Journalist
  • Hans van Winkle, Mad Scientist!
  • Edgar Ross, Pinkerton Agent
  • Trevor Laurence, Railway Engineer
  • Helga Girtrude von Croppe, Showgirl
  • Dr. Woodrow Parfrey, Snake-Oil Salesman
  • Bazil Windthrope, Preacher

So, by agreement we have put the CoC7e games on hold until we actually have hardcopies. In the interim the Games of Berkeley crowd have agreed to give Chaosium’s Basic Role-Playing system a try, and as none of them have ever tried a western, we decided to give Devil’s Gulch a try. This week was mainly character creation, and as it was sufficiently different (and more complex, as it turns out) than CoC7e, the entire session was spent working on characters (the results of which you can see above). To give them a bit more inspiration I allowed them to use the Extraordinary Abilities table from the Aces High monograph (if you ever decide to do a more thorough BRP Wild West game, combining Aces High & Devil’s Gulch might be a good idea), and since not everyone wanted to take a profession that allowed for the usual Powers/Sorcery/Gadgets, etc, from Devil’s Gulch, I decided to let the rest pick Resources from the Astounding Adventures book. We lost time at the start of the session, unfortunately, to a would-be player who proved too disruptive and had to be escorted from the store by the staff (I like to be inclusive, but he managed to insult or upset a number of the other players within 5-10 minutes of joining us, and had already kicked off warning flags with the store management as a possible problem). Next week, we finish characters (mainly just the Powers aspect of character creation), and begin the scenario, “Wealth & Privilege."


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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