Monday Night Madness

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Harvester of Sorrow - Episode 1.2

Into the House on Haunted Hill...

Greavings Gutter Patrol:

  • Edwin O’Flaherty, Goblin Rogue, Militiaman and entrepreneur.
  • 4th, Hobgoblin Warrior, Militiaman, medic and lackadaisical refugee.
  • Faust, wandering spider-like Map-quest Clockwork Magician & part-time Butcher.
  • Esma, Goblin Rogue, Edwin’s unwanted partner in crime.
  • Arren Pokathery, Human Rogue, Denis the Menace turned Dougie Howser M.D.
  • Dr. Anselm, Human Priest, Initiate of the Old Faith and young Physician extraordinaire.
  • Snot, snuffly Goblin Magician with a copper box full of love.
  • Pung, murderous Orc Warrior with an Axe to grind.
  • Jack, Human Priest, Initiate of the Old Faith and Sage of the Natural World.

Having gotten the note the others left at the flat, Anselm and Arren, along with new friends Snot, Pung and Jack, wander over to the Moore House to join their friends. Once there though they find their way obstructed by the Rude Boys, who try shooing them off. A flash of luminescence from inside the house and a goblin scream throws that idea out the window and the gang charges up to bust the door down. Inside they find their allies cowering in front of a spirit busy carving her own guts out with a similarly spectral knife. The Rude Boys, hot on their heels, turn yellow and flee at the sight of her. Before anyone can do much of anything else, she vanishes.

Reunited, the gang calms down and starts giving the place a proper investigating. In the library 4th traumatizes Faust by using various books to build a fire in the fireplace. Faust isn’t the only one traumitized, as Rats of Unusual Size start pouring out of holes in the walls. After a long and brutal fight with the swarming rodents, the gang manages to scatter or slaughter them, allowing them to return to their search.

In what appears to once have been a den, they find a not-so-secret door slightly ajar. Opening it results in revealing the remains of a mutilated corpse, dressed in dark clothes and a veil. The physicians and healers in the party quickly discern whoever did it, were masters of the scalpel, and that the man was missing several important organs. Anselm notes a strange black demon-skull tattoo in the inside of his arm. The others are sickened by the sight and just as happy to move along.

The body sits atop a set of stairs leading bellow the house, down which the Goblins happily charge. Not the wisest choice, it is soon realized. As Faust again falls into arguing with the ever insufferable 4th (again trying to set books on fire) back in the den, Esma runs around a corner in the cellar bellow into a vault piled high with a half-dozen corpses, and a horrible man-thing eating them. With a timid scream she rushes in to stab at him, only to trip and land flat on her face. Ed hustles down to help her up, with Snot stumbling in a little to close to be promptly beheaded by the man-eater’s claws. Arren runs back up to try tricking 4th to join the fight downstairs (claiming Ed has popcorn), but that plan is ruined by the arrival of Ed & Esma hot on his heels. Ansel, Jack & Pung push in over Snot’s cooling corpse to hedge the thing in the vault and start wailing on him with what weapons they have on hand…


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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