Monday Night Madness

Shadow of the Demon Lord: The Witching Wood - Episode 0.3


Respite’s Breakfast-club:

  • Mazagog, an Orc Servant with murder issues.*
  • Pane’re Bre’ad, a Faun Militia-member and one of the “Weird Sisters” in town.*
  • Edwin O’Flaherty, Goblin Militiaman and entrepreneur.*
  • 4th, Hobgoblin Militiaman and lackadaisical refugee.*
  • Arren Pokthy, Punk kid.*
  • Faust, wandering spider-like Map-quest Clockwork.*
  • Caleb, Human Scholar.
  • Rook, Changeling Theologian.

We start where we left off, in a crisis!

While Faust takes the girl Caran to wash off at the well, and Mazagog makes a new painting to cover up the destruction of the old one that used to hang over his master Mayor Bailey’s fire place, the rest of the gang (along with most everyone else in the village) are recoiling in horror at the Church of the Sun King as they watch -Something- burrowing beneath Caran’s brother Lucas’ skin.

Pane’re decides the best thing to do is to cut the thing out of the boy, and attempts impromptu (and unskilled) surgery on the lad, while her sisters hold the boy down on the alter. Cutting into him causes Lucas to bleed profusely, but it does cause the creature – a gigantic centipede – to explode outward to land on the floor (eliciting much screaming from the crowd). Edwin slips out in the confusion to go look for Mazagog (thinking a big Orc better at killing the thing than he), while two other locals at the church, Caleb & Rook, step up to lend a hand.

Arren attempts to shoot it with his sling, only to break the Church’s stain-glass window. While Rook attempts to staunch the boy’s bleeding a second centipede pops out to attack him. The other centipede manages to bite an artery on Caleb’s leg when he attempts to stamp on it, and the floor quickly becomes slick with his blood. As the townsfolk flee he falls to the ground, where the centipede quickly finishes him off before moving on to burrow into Arren. Meanwhile Pane’re & Rook struggle to kill (or at least toss outside) the other, but it manages to burrow up into Rook’s arm. Pane’re considers burning down the church (even going so far as to light a torch, until she realizes the centipedes have successfully burrowed into new hosts.

Back at the Mayor’s house Mazagog admires his handiwork, thinking his painting on sheepskin is a perfect match for Mayor Bailey’s portrait, and that it is likely the Mayer will NEVER know the difference (even going so far as to lament not taking a career in being a cave-painter), when a breathless Edwin bangs on the door to get him to come quick.

Over at the Well, Faust finishes cleaning up Caran and notes the six fingered bruise on her arm, as well as a six-fingered hand tattoo in the small of her back, and decides to take her over to the home of the Weird Sisters to wait for them in hopes that Lanja the Occultist might know what it means…


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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