Murderous Orc Warrior Consumer with an eating disorder




Pung’s upbringing, if it can so be called, is a tale of woe and hunger. Raised in a clan in which the weak were routinely purged, murdered outright for their weakness, Pung fought every day to prove his worth. Once upon a purge, a 10 year old Pung and his only friend, Snung, were picked to fight each other. Pung, a talented fighter, disarmed Snung, but did not kill him. The purge MC was outraged. In Pung’s clan, the only crime worse than weakness was mercy. His punishment was worse than death: banishment to the desert, with only a flask of Snung’s blood to drink and a bit of his flesh to eat. The clan did not expect him to live longer than a week or two, but Pung did not succumb to the desert. Instead, he survived from scavenging the clan’s trash, picking the marrow from the discarded bones of their meals, drinking the blood of every desert lizard and snake, always remaining undetected by the clan. His growth was permanently stunted by malnutrition, and he was never far from starvation. Eventually he grew just large enough to be enlisted into the free orc army. After so many years of slim pickings, the army rations and occasional spoils were a dream come true. He became stout and strong, but never lost the mad hunger of a castaway child, nor forgot the taste of lizard, and snake, and Snung. He lives to eat, and eats to kill. Never fully satisfied, he hungers for larger, more exotic meals, and deadlier foes. Having eaten his childhood friend, consumption is an intimate act, as close as he can get to love.


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