Monday Night Madness

A Time to Harvest, Episode 1.3

Bridge over troubled waters

The Investigators:

  • ’Just’ Justin Churchill, Biology major and bird-enthusiast outdoorsman.
  • Gerald M. Mayer, F.O.C. Geologist and corporate chaperone.
  • Leopold Flanagan, tenured Professor of Religion & expedition chaperone.
  • Adeline ‘Sunshine’ Fredrick, cheerful Anthropology major.
  • Bernherd Whately (of the Arkham Whatelys), Varsity Football hero and Chemistry major.
  • Ethan Froam, dilettante student artist on hard times.

Feedback? Had a complaint about how the scenario splitting the party, leaving little for the survey team to do while players in the other group get to gallivant about town talking to people.

Everyone at the farm awakes to Just’s scream as he shakes himself from his troubling dream, but he doesn’t share, and no one presses him. Even though it is Sunday Blaine doesn’t give time off from their duties, so – despite clouds coming in – he again breaks everyone into their assigned tasks and heads out with the Geological/ Anthropological survey team, leaving it to Prof. Flanagan to shepherd the Anthro/Folklore team in town. Flanagan decides attending local services at the First Baptist Church of Divine Ascension is the only proper way to start their day, and after a rousing sermon of fire-and-brimstone they speak with Reverend Wilson to get advice on who might be good to interview.

Quote: “roll for salvation!”

The Reverend confides in passing his concerns over moving to Cobb’s Corners a few years ago – the fact that the local children keep encouraging his son to sneak out at night (no matter how frequently he beats him) being a sign of local moral degeneracy. Afterwards they travel to several farmsteads, hearing of Old Woman Bellweather (a suspected Witch) and Emily Brathewaite (a mute simpleton of a young woman who has disappeared, again). Early in the afternoon a farmer they seek to interview chases them off his farm with a shotgun, shouting that their meddling will stir up ghosts of the dead Indians in the hills and cause trouble for the town, so they head back to town for a late lunch before the weather finally breaks in a torrential downpour. Meanwhile the Archaeology/Geology team has little success at the dig-site, made worse with the oncoming storm. Blaine leaves them at the truck to go see if any of the local farms will give them shelter. After waiting for a few hours they give up on waiting for him and have Joe start up the truck to head back to the farmhouse. While crossing the bridge the river washes out the supports, dropping both truck and passengers into the waters below. After some troubles with jumping and swimming (wherein several of the Arkhamites nearly drown), they get to the shore, by which time neighbors have heard the commotion and come running. Soon the Sheriff arrives, with Blaine in tow, as do the Folklore group, and between the three cars they manage to tie on ropes and pull the truck out (though not before someone spots something in the waters and Blaine “slips,” knocking Gerald in, resulting in Gerald seeing something pink and strange and tentacular up close and personal just before Rod saves him from drowning). Once Joe checks over the truck and makes sure its’ in working order, the Arkhamites all return to the Maclaren Farmhouse to dry out and eat dinner (while driving back, as Gerald chews Blaine out over his mishandling of affairs and Blaine retorts a general dismissiveness and snark to the company executive, Prof. Flanagan notes the shy Jason Trent again looking out the car window with a weird smile). After dinner, Blaine excuses himself for a walk as the weather has cleared up some. Trent does so as well, but again finds Adeline keeping him company as he attempts to enjoy the solitude of dusk. While the others are out Higgins blows his top and states emphatically his unhappiness with and concerns about Blaine. As they finally settle down to sleep, almost all of them suffer from horrid, haunting dreams which –when several finally decide to share over breakfast the next morning – they are shocked to find are very similar. As they are digesting this they hear a scream from outside and in rushing out find Adeline looking down at the flowerbed, where the recent rain has washed away enough to see human bones poking up from underneath.

Quotes (Meyer): “Our expedition has been sent to get rid of all the students not liked on campus.”

(Adeline & Just): “We’re C’th-fodder!”


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