Monday Night Madness

A Time to Harvest, Episode 5.2

Guess who's coming to dinner?

Cobb’s Corners Survivor Society:

  • Aldus Huxtable, traumatized tweed-wearing grad-student.
  • Sheriff Dan Spenser, Puritanical Lawman.
  • Dr. Claudia Ankins, UFO-obsessed Alienist.
  • Marvin Jonson, FOC Accountant (and Swashbuckling Man of action!).
  • Jimmy Maclearan, Embittered drunk.
  • Emily Braithwaite simple-minded adorable red-head.

Monday, Oct. 20th –New Moon

With Shubb-Niggurath partially manifested, and a strange milk-like substance now raining down upon everyone in the park, Sarah Matherson and Sebastian Mantei have gone completely and utterly mad. Marvin manages to not fully digest what he is seeing, and thus retains his sanity, while Aldus seems to be taking it all in stride. Claudia’s vision slides into a blood-red-rage and she starts looking for someone to let loose her frustrations on, settling on Dr. Matherson, whom she promptly polishes of with a point blank shotgun blast. A tendril picks up the now dead Deputy Cutter to deliver him into one of the Goddesses’ many mouths as one of the other children runs up to continue the rite. Gunplay continues in the streets between Marvin and several of the older children. One of the Dark Young weaves its’ tentacle/branches and hoots weirdly, and Marvin finds himself hit with an invisible force that flings him down a side street. With the monster watching over the prisoners distracted, Jimmy makes a break for it (tormented by the conflicting passions of fleeing from the slimy beast and desperation for finding a drink), and is called over to hide behind a car with Aldus. As the new leader in the rite kills two more of the prisoners, the Sheriff runs up on him to wrest the knife away (Sheriff Dan having also managed to keep that steel trap of a mind together), but he quickly finds himself swarmed by several of the smaller children. A second leg presses its’ way through the reality wrinkle in the sky, giving the Goddess two gigantic hooves to stand on in this world, as she lazily picks up Matherson’s corpse with another tentacle to eat. Marvin returns to Main street, aims, and guns down the child cultist with his trusty Browning, but in turn takes a couple of shots from the teens lying in wait, just as Claudia guns one of the gun-toting youngsters down, the milk-like substance raining down getting into her mouth and wounds as she fights. As other prisoners try making a break for it, the Dark Young guarding them snatches up Holly Rydell and Richard Wendel. Emily, who had fainted, is ignored on the ground, while the mob surrounding the Sheriff makes him too hard a target to catch. Aldus slips up to retrieve the unconscious farm girl as Wendel wiggles free, while Jimmy runs to hide in one of the nearby buildings. The Sheriff spots one of the kids apparently suffering a seizure, but notes she has started to grow and mutate into something far more monstrous. Sebastian is snatched up and eaten by the increasingly hungry goddess, while Marvin flees the remaining shot-gun wielding kids and approaching Dark Young, finding a lucky break in a parked Stanly Steamer nearby. Back in the heart of the memorial park site, the Sheriff gets a lucky break when the guardian Dark Young trips over the Cannon while trying to grab him, dropping Holly on top of him, and as he gets up, girl in arms, he finds the now transformed child recovered, monstrous as a Spawn of the Dark Mother, and ready to fight. Claudia avoids being stomped on by another Dark Young back on Main Street. Aldus runs through back alleys, Emily in his arms, making for Jim’s Grill, as does Marvin (pushing the Steamer quietly, using it for cover while it rolls down Main Street). Afraid of the slime in the dark, Jimmy runs upstairs, finding sadly the Dark Mother above is all he can see, now that a third leg has appeared. The Sheriff shoves Holly away, shouting for her to follow Aldus and Emily, while Claudia uses her last vestige of sanity to spitefully carve her initials in the bark of the Dark Young with fresh-grown claws, finding she too is turning into a Spawn of the Dark Mother, her new mother’s voice wiping everything else from her brain…


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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