Monday Night Madness

A Time to Harvest, Episode 5.3

Escape from Cobb's Corners!

Cobb’s Corners Survivors Club:

  • Aldus Huxtable, traumatized tweed-wearing grad-student.
  • Sheriff Dan Spenser, Puritanical Lawman.
  • Holly Rydell, desperate schoolteacher.
  • *Dr. Claudia Ankins,” UFO-obsessed Alienist.
  • Richard Wendell, yellow journalist.
  • Marvin Jonson, FOC Accountant (and Swashbuckling Man of action!).
  • Emily Braithwaite, simple-minded adorable red-head.

Given we are about to take a break for the holidays, this week we did a tally. As of this session (for ATtH) we hit a full “Baker’s Dozen” casualties in the way of dead or permanently insane characters!

Monday, Oct. 20th –New Moon

We start where we left, Shubb-Niggurath manifesting fully in Cobb’s Corners as her fourth leg comes crashing down, crushing Sheriff Dan Spencer and the Civil War Memorial Canon. The rest of the gang reconvenes at Jim’s Grill. Leaving Holly & Joe keeping an eye on Emily in the front of the restaurant, Marvin, Aldus & Wendell head in back to search to panty for pie. Instead they get hung up in the kitchen where they find the hacked remains of Jim & Anne Haggerty. Aldus investigates what’s cooking on the stove, only to find what’s missing of the Haggertys boiling away in the pots (he lets out a shocked, strangled screech). When Marvin opens the pantry, the Haggerty’s missing son, Jason, jumps out covered in blood, meat cleaver in hand, so Marvin promptly puts a bullet in him with his .45 before running back out to the others to retrieve his trusty Browning. Aldus wrestles the Knife away from the injured youth, as Wendell talks him down (whereupon the boy promptly becomes comatose, sliding into a fetal position on the floor). Holly comes in to lecture them, but upon seeing the scene promptly faints. Wendell tends to the injured with a first aid kit they found tucked away in a drawer, and Holly (once she recovers) tries to comfort the otherwise unaware teen. Marvin lucks out, finding some partially melted ice cream in the pantry ice-box (ignoring the dead body he finds next to it).

Heading back out, Marvin & Joe work on heating up the steam-engine that powers the Stanly Steamer. Emily faints (Holly nearly does too) when they spot “something” shambling up the street, but it lurches into hiding before the others can see. While Wendell looks for more weapons back inside the Grill, Holly & Marvin argue whether to take Jason with them or not. Their argument is interrupted by Wendell’s screams. Marvin & Aldus dash in to find Wendell in the grips of a vaguely humanoid creature, pseudopods drifting down from its’ head to caress the reporter hungrily. Marvin promptly guns the thing down, and Aldus has a brief hysterical fit when he realizes it had once been fellow comrade Claudia Ankins. Meanwhile, Emily runs off as soon as she wakes up, Holly racing after to bring her back. To get away Emily starts climbing a tree, but when she slips and the TREE reaches out to CATCH her, Holly starts screaming as the (now revealed) Dark Young opens its’ massive maw, and Emily faints (again), dropping to the ground. Hearing their screams Marvin runs after them, and takes a shot, catching the monster’s ire. Finally getting the Steamer running, Joe hops behind the wheel and shouts for everyone else to pile in. With Wendell in front and Aldus and Jason in back, the car races around the corner, pausing only briefly enough for Holly to drag Emily over and the two to fall in to crowd the back seat. Unable to do anything but look on in horror as Marvin is snatched up and the thing begins swilling down Marvin’s blood, they put petal to the metal and race South down Main Street to escape town, not stopping until they reach the next town later that morning.

They are eventually found by FOC and relocated to a temporary camp to recover. There, miraculously, they are reunited with Marvin! How did he survive? A tale for another time…


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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