Monday Night Madness

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Harvester of Sorrow - Episode 1.3

Between hunger and the knife...

Greavings Gutter Patrol:

  • Edwin O’Flaherty, Goblin Rogue, Militiaman and entrepreneur.
  • 4th, Hobgoblin Warrior, Militiaman, medic and lackadaisical refugee.
  • Faust, wandering spider-like Map-quest Clockwork Magician & part-time Butcher.
  • Arren Pokathery, Human Rogue, Denis the Menace turned Dougie Howser M.D.
  • Dr. Anselm, Human Priest, Initiate of the Old Faith and young Physician extraordinaire.
  • Jack, Human Priest, Initiate of the Old Faith and Sage of the Natural World.
  • Esma, Goblin Rogue, Edwin’s unwanted partner in crime.
  • Pung, murderous Orc Warrior with an Axe to grind.

Losing their nerve, Pung & Anselm flee back upstairs, leaving Jack to fend for himself against the cannibalistic monster. After trading blows he too retreats, only to run into another recent arrival in the dinning room, a hooded figure with a scalpel in hand. Pung flees out the front door, while Esma hides, leaving the others to struggle with the newcomer as best they may.

Jack tries fleeing, to the library after the stranger slashes at him, giving him a nasty gash, but his attacker skitters after him on all fours, gazing up at him from under his tarp-cloak and linen wrappings, peering speculatively through a collection of lenses covering his face, before slipping behind him to slash him again. This time though the gang manages to rally together, as 4th, Faust & Ed move to help. Arren tries closing the secret door to the basement before he too runs off to help the others, but the door won’t latch, and the ghoulish dungeon denizen spills out into the room, hunger in his eyes. Hoping it will instead follow the others to the excitement in the next room, Anselm slips behind it and back down the stairs, but the toothsome freak has better judgement and follows him back down…

Thanks to Faust’s fell magics, the tatterman is dazed, distracted while vomiting and defecating, long enough for the gang to surround him and bring him down. 4th crushes his head to make sure he stays down, a fact Faust takes umbrage with (suspecting those lenses might have been valuable). Examining the creature’s corpse reveals that beneath the tarp and linens lies a man, more or less, covered in scars and full of redundant organs. Faust and Jack recall stories of ancient Witchland, stories of the Harvesters, servants of the Covens who gained Immortality through stealing the organs of others.

They are rejoined by Dr. Ansalm, who tells them he succeeded in trapping the ghoul in the basement vault, and so they decide to head upstairs to search for more clues, books, or loot. All they find however is the the upper story is badly damaged, with an unsafe floor (a fact proven once 4th falls through it). Retreating back down the stairs, they decide to continue on to the basement to settle up with the monster trapped bellow.

Unfortunately they find the Vault open, and the creature gone. Searching the surrounding chamber Jack finds a dusty podium, dusty but for a book-shaped patch. Pung, who had rejoined them by this point, finds Father Gregory hiding in a corner: maimed, crippled, broken (in both mind & body). Faust suggests killing him (“We-should-put-him-out-of-his-misery, as-a-kindness”), but is ignored. The rest of the gang enters the vault to examine the coffin inside.

4th is rather happy to discover a sword made of a strange green metal. Not cold Iron! Faust snatches up the sacrificial dagger and black robes covered with nefarious symbols. Arren puzzles over the scratch-marks on the inside of the lid, and keeps trying to find if any may actually be concealing some sort of graffiti, but to no avail, while whining about not getting the green sword himself. Faust attempts to sense magic, and succeeds! Sort of. He realizes that a glyph inside the Vault is doing… something, but he fails to discern as to what. Suspecting it may be a rune of teleportation the gang experiments with closing and opening the vault, but to no avail. Believing the ghoulish denizen of the basement having escaped them for good through this teleportation glyph, they too take their leave, but are a little disappointed they have to use the stairs. No one quite realizes that Dr. Anselm is no longer with them.

In the morning they meet with Sgt. Alse, and fill her in. She gives them her thanks, letting them know that if they ever need a friend among the Browncoats, she has their back. She also promises to see to it Father Gregory gets the help he needs at Mercy Hill Asylum, and that the Cult of the Redeemers will know who they should be thanking for saving their Priest.


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