Monday Night Madness

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Last One Standing - Episode 2.1

Interludes & Nocturns...

Greavings Gutter Patrol:

  • Edwin O’Flaherty, Goblin Rogue, Militiaman and entrepreneur.
  • 4th, Hobgoblin Warrior, Militiaman, medic and lackadaisical refugee.
  • Arren Pokathery, Human Rogue, Denis the Menace turned Dougie Howser M.D.
  • Grimbar, Dwarf Priest, cranky servant of honored dwarven ancestors.
  • Kane, Human Warrior, Goblin baby-tender.

The night after the horrifying events at Moorehouse, Arren sits alone in the crappy slum apartment he shared with Dr. Anselm, wondering where his mentor went. Two doors down Ed fumes, having just kicked 4th out having realized that the Hobgoblin is the father of the child Esma is carrying, the baby she claimed was his. 4th is in a nearby alley, sleeping in a wooden barrel, unaware he has just been robbed by a couple of thugs from the Rude Boy Gang, who have not only stolen the last of his coin, but his lovely green-metal sword.

A knock at the door rouses Arren, and Anselm’s voice calls to him: “let me in,” and in a whisper, “I Lost my key…” No sooner does the lad let him in than the Doctor transforms and lashes out,revealing himself to be none other than the Ghoul from the previous night. The boy runs screaming out the back door, the monster hot on his tail.

His screams finally rouse Ed out of his depression & 4th out of his slumber, and the two stumble into the lad as he runs shrieking to the Goblin’s residence. Seeing the hungry Ghoul hot on his tail they join him in his retreat, but the beast catches up with them at the edge of a nearby courtyard. Ed and 4th rally, spinning around to catch the beast off-guard, dispatching it quickly between them. The goblinoids forgive each-other (more or less) & 4th moves in with Arren to watch over him in return for a place to stay. The boy in turn is left physically (and emotionally) scarred, slash-marks marring his youthful face.

A week later, at the Ratspike Motel and Titty-bar, Ed has spun the tale of his involvement at the Moorehouse well, and has become something of a local celeberty, his bartab never empty as members of the Redeemers, Scrappers, and the Cartel woo him to join their side. He passes on some of the drinks to Arren, who is still in a deep funk over Anselm, while the two plot their next move with 4th.

Besides the rival Factions and their interest in them, Ed has recently recieved word from their mutual friend among the Browncloaks, [[Sgt. Alyse]], would like to see them down at the Browncloaks headquarters. In addition to all the attention directed their way, rumors swirl that the Party King’s Flying Circus has arrived at the airstrip outside of town (that strange flying caravan of gypsy-clowns that flit from city to city along the Weirdling Wastes, that the Redeemers have been fighting strange monsters in the city streets, that their former companion Franklen Faust has wandered off into the Morfairsing with treasure hunters in search of some “Gem of Power”, and that someone (or some… thing) continues to murder people in the district of Tankards.

While pondering all this, the three are approached by two adventurous souls new to town: Kane the Warrior and Grimbar Curbane. THe two ask to join up with them, having heard of their exploits at Moorehouse. Kane also quizzes them about orphanages, as he has a Goblin baby to be rid of. After the five debate options a bit further, they eventually decide to travel over to the district of Coins to see what [[Sgt. Alyse]] wants.

At the Browncoats main station [[Sgt. Alyse]] introduces them to Sheriff Skitter, who asks them if they might parlay their recent popularity with the various factions fighting for control of the city into membership with one or more of them, to help him break them up from within. Their negotiations break down when Ed adds a price-tag to their services, rather than get involved as a matter of civic duty.

After the Sheriff kicks them out, [[Sgt. Alyse]] shows Kane where a Cartel-run Orphanage drop-box may be found (so he may be rid of his squalling Goblin brat), and mentions to 4th she’s seen Rude Boys in the marketplace trying to pawn off a Green-metal sword for a ridiculous sum. Intrigued, the gang persuades her to show them where, and soon they find the gangsters haggling with a Dwarven weapons-dealer (who is refusing to purchase a weapon so clearly choked with rust as to turn green). Alyse distracts the salesman, leading him back inside the shop, while our heroes “negotiate” for the return of 4th’s stolen sword.

The negotiations swiftly fall to threats, and battle breaks out. After two Rude Boys are killed, the rest run, but 4th snatches up his emerald-green prize from the dead thug’s hand and holds it high, triumphant!


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