Monday Night Madness

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Mines of Madness! - Episode 3.8

Bring out your dead...

The Lightning Racers:

  • Esma, Goblin Rogue Scout, Edwin’s unwanted partner in crime.
  • Pung, murderous Orc Warrior Consumer with an eating disorder.
  • Ragnar, Dwarf Priest Psychic, cheerful servant of honored dwarven ancestors.
  • Leoren, Human Warrior Mystic, Country Noblewoman turned adventurer’s apprentice.

Ragnar, hearing Esma’s screams back in camp, comes a-running. Reaching the mine-entrance, he can only see shadowy figures fighting near the first elevator, so he charges in – though his heart grows fearful once he sees what it is they fight. While 4th continues to snipe, Pung manages to lead the remaining Muttering Maw out into the tunnel, away from the elevator, giving Leoren the opportunity to dodge past to snatch up the Savage Ornament (from where it was dropped by Edwin when he was gobbled up). Now out in the open, Pung, Leoren & Ragnar surround the Maw to hammer it down while 4th & Esma (who has finally recovered somewhat from her swoon) pepper it as best they can with arrows. Though the Savage Ornament bites deep, it is Pung who gets the last blow, and the Lightning Racers give a cheer as the monster finally falls!

As the others comfort each-other, Pung and Ragnar carve up the beast to rescue Edwin’s remains; his pack is salvaged, but the prosess leaves Ragnar sickened and both slightly madder than when they started (Pung in particular, as he becomes obsessed with the inner-workings of the Maw’s gastrointestinal operations and won’t shut up about it).

They return with Ed’s remains to see to his burial near camp, except for Pung, who instead boils up the Maw’s bones for a protective broth. Afterwards 4th decides to stay to watch over the camp (and Ed’s grave) while the rest make one last foray into the mines before nightfall.

The four decide to check out the lowermost pit, despite concerns over running into more Maws. Esma, scouting ahead, fails to spot a handful of drones digging tunnels near the first elevator, but the bugs take little interest in them as they shield their lamp and hustle past. Reaching the pit is otherwise uneventful, and after much examination they conclude they do not have enough rope to pursue their inquiry of the apparently bottomless pit further.

Returning to the second elevator shaft, they find more miner corpses, showing evidence that events in the mine continue with or without them. They take the elevator up, explore more side-passages, and avoid several more encounters with undead miners and evidence of more dead drones and cave-ins. Eventually they find one that leads into a large cavern network, with it’s own elevator and another tunnel in the back. Exploring the rear tunnel leads to a crossroads: two going down while a third goes up. Following the latter, they eventually find the top of the hill just as the sun sets over the Weirdling Wastes. Deciding now is a good time to rest, they hike back to camp to rest for the night and remember a fallen friend.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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