Monday Night Madness

Shadow of the Demon Lord: The Knife in your hand - Episode 2.4

Rewards & returns

Greavings Gutter Patrol:

  • Edwin O’Flaherty, Goblin Rogue, Militiaman and entrepreneur.
  • Esma, Goblin Rogue, Edwin’s unwanted partner in crime.
  • Ragnar, Dwarf Priest, cheerful servant of honored dwarven ancestors, and Grimbar’s cousin.
  • Pung, murderous Orc Warrior with an Axe to grind.

The air stills inside the Beast & the 3 remaining Echinemons that had been in pursuit of Pung & Ragnar pause, then race back in a panic as they realize something has good terribly wrong. Sensing the tide has turned, the two adventurers turn around as well, pursuing the monsters back into the Cathedral of Flesh.

In the Flash Hut, 4th is arms deep in operating on Sameth to remove an Echinemon egg. With their chief warrior busy, it falls to Edwin, Esma & Leoren to hold the vengeful Echinemon trio when they arrive, and are relieved to see their missing comrades hot on their tail. Though the surviving creatures give a fierce fight, they prove no match for our heroes, in no small part to Ed’s new toy, the Savage Ornament, which seems to have turned the Goblin into some sort of smallish green-brown murder-god.

The enemy dead, they step back into the hut, enduring the increasingly breathable air for a few hours as 4th finishes extracting eggs from first Sameth & then Grimbar. Afterwards they follow the psychic hint from the dying brain of the Beast to a strongbox half buried in his mouth. Inside the chest they marvel at the treasure! 100 gold crowns! More money than any of them have ever seen! In addition, they also find three objects of particular interest: a Spiral Conch shell (taken by Pung, who discovers it has magical listening powers), a set of prayer-beads (picked up by Ragnar, who finds they will stay wheresoever she leaves them, releasing only if she says the right mantra), and a child-sized sports-car with lightning markings on the side (which Esma figures out is only magically shrunk – later,back in town, it returns to normal size, and she discovers it has a built-in lightning gun to boot!).

They exit the Hollow & return to town to celebrate, and indulge in their bragging rights with the locals. That night, at Leoren & Sameth’s estate, their patron remains true to her word & gives them her life’s savings: a staggering additional 50 gold crowns! They’re rich! Filthy rich!

The next day Edwin & Pung join Esma in her race-car to start the long drive back to Permot, leaving Ragnar & 4th with Leoren to tend to Sameth & Grimbar’s post-surgery recovery. Two days out fromDuskglen they reach the village of Hamlet, which they find has been reduced to a smoking ruin.

Hearing screams, Esma puts pedal to the metal, zooming them to the heart of Hamlet in short order. There in the remnants of the town square a lone priest fights for his life, surrounded by a gang of Fomori. She swerves the car so Pung & Ed can leap out, all cool-like, but Pung lands on his face and Esma crashes into a copse of trees. Edwin though lands on one of the goat-headed Beastmen, nurdering him with panache on the spot.

Pung jumps to his feet and joins in the slaughter, aided by the grotesque & horrifying magics being cast by the Priest, and the remaining surviving Fomori flee, bleating for their lives. The Priest thanks them, introducing himself as Father Breyan, Vicar of Hamlet, and tells them of his woe. The Beastmen raided the town some days before, carrying off every villager they didn’t slaughter. He raves that clearly the three of them must have come to answer his prayers for vengeance, prayers he voiced to something he glibly calls the Red Light of the Wood. When our heroes prove less than enthusiastic, and Edwin audaciously brings up the subject of financial remuneration for the rescue of the kidnapped (and possibly eaten) townsfolk, Breyan explodes in anger that he is contunually tormented by money-grubbing mercenary adventurers! (apparently theirs was not the first band he’d approached). After Esma calms him down, he suggests they take advantage of his healing magics, and that once his comrades are rescued, he could pass the collection plate.

Acquiescing, the three “heroes” follow Breyan into the Morfairsing-infected Sentinel Woods, finding the Beastmen Camp around nightfall. Catching the inattentive raiders off guard as the Fomori and their Warg commanders feast on their captives, the Goblins, Orc & slightly mad priest slaughter 4 or 5 Fomor before they even know their there. The remaining Fomor lose their nerve and run bleating into the woods, but the 2 Wargs up on the hill charge down the hill to give the would-be saviors a bit more trouble…
…but only a bit, as the gang overwhelms them as well.

Triumphant, the heroes return with the villagers in tow back to Hamlet. The thankful survivors help Esma get her car out of the brush and bang out the dents, then follow them back to Permot to seek refuge behind city walls, as the village clearly is no longer safe…


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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