Monday Night Madness

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Mines of Madness! - Episode 3.1

One month later...

New neighbors in Old Town:

  • Edwin O’Flaherty, Goblin Rogue/Mountebank, Militiaman and entrepreneur. Bearer of the Savage Ornament.
  • Esma, Goblin Rogue/Scout, Edwin’s unwanted partner in crime.
  • 4th, Hobgoblin Warrior/Ranger, Militiaman, medic and lackadaisical refugee.
  • Grimbar, Dwarf Priest/Grudgebearer, cranky servant of honored dwarven ancestors, and Ragnar’s younger brother.
  • Ragnar, Dwarf Priest/Psychic, cheerful servant of honored dwarven ancestors, and Grimbar’s older brother.
  • Pung, murderous Orc Warrior/Consumer with an eating disorder.

Having come back to Permot as very wealthy, successful adventurers, the gang decides to throw in together & purchase a very nice townhouse in Old Town, each getting their own room (except for Esma, who now lives in Ed’s walk-in closet. Each takes the time to train up new talents and refurbish (or acquire new) gear for future exploits. Deciding to improve his skills at charlatanry, Ed puts in time and effort outdoing other flim-flam men at the back tables of the Ratspike Motel and Titty-bar, while Esma & 4th learn new tricks from the scouts and Rangers investigating the edge of the Morfairsing Bloom. Ragnar & Pung spend some time being introspective and discovering hidden secrets about themselves: Ragnar realizes from his recent experiences with the Beast of Valderhalen Hollow that it may not have been the voice of his ancestors speaking to him, but the power of his own mind accessing the thoughts of others, while Pung’s encounter with the Echinemons results in his realization that there is power in eating the flesh of his enemies, and that – being the runt of his litter – he would never again be the one to go hungry. Grimbar in turn finds a tome listing all the wrongs done to his people over the years leaves him filled with a grim determination to right the wrongs done to himself and to his people (well, mainly to himself).

The latter half of the month is spent in various other pursuits: While Ragnar rolls up his sleeves to work like an honest Dwarf, Grimbar is accepted as a student at Permot’s illustrious Academy of Engineering. 4th gets in good with the head of the city Militia, Commander Rena, while Edwin makes fast friends with Bubblegum Chrome, a member of the Scrappers faction who ended up on the wrong side of a fight with some Cartel Rogues until Ed let her a hand. Esma picks up Dark Speech from an Orc scout she’s been exploring with, while Pung has to lay low for a bit after he accidentally kills his brother, Sheriff Skitter, after a night of drinking, and is unsure if simply eating the evidence was enough.

The Free City itself is not quiet: Veiled Monks from Y’tll have taken to proselytizing in the God Market, while the Machanaean Wolveshead Leagon have seized the Airfield after the Flying Circus of the Party King takes his leave. The district of Purses is locked down by the Browncoats when an outbreak of plague, something locals are calling “Gibbering Fever,” gets loose, and riots between Browncoats, Wolveshead Legionnaires and members of the various Factions become common in Old Town. Rumors are circulating that the death-toll in Tankards is going up as people are being killed in broad-daylight by invisible demons, while stories of a mysterious elven tower that can only be found by moonlight out near the village of Carbuncle circulate in various smokey bar-rooms. The city militia has no time for assisting or investigating any of these things, as reports circulate that the Morfairsing Bloom has hit neighboring towns and villages to the west & south of the city, and Commander Rena has sent all available hands to evacuating the boarder communities.

Such things don’t interest our heroes however. They want to get payed, so after looking over the bounty-board, passing over calls for head-hunting Witches and Beastmen, they decide to go for the 50 gold crowns being offered by Gundren the Ironmonger, town-council representative of Junktown, for experienced agents willing to travel west across the Dark Water to investigate some trouble he’s been having with his Mines over in the Black Hills…


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