Monday Night Madness

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Mines of Madness! - Episode 3.3

Frog fight!

The Lightning Racers:

  • Edwin O’Flaherty, Goblin Rogue/Mountebank, Militiaman and entrepreneur. Bearer of the Savage Ornament.
  • Esma, Goblin Rogue/Scout, Edwin’s unwanted partner in crime.
  • Ragnar, Dwarf Priest/Psychic, cheerful servant of honored dwarven ancestors.
  • Pung, murderous Orc Warrior/Consumer with an eating disorder.
  • Arren Pokathery, Human Rogue/Warlock, Denis the Menace turned Dougie Howser M.D.
  • 4th, Hobgoblin Warrior/Ranger, Militiaman, medic and lackadaisical refugee.

After the fight with the horde of undead miners the gang continues until they reach the first elevator shaft, which they use to explore various upper side-passages (which contain little of interest). Reaching the surface about an hour before sunset, everyone but Esma & Edwin walk down the hill towards the mining camp (where Leoren’s retainers have been establishing a base of operations). The Goblins stay behind to watch the sunset together (though Ed only agrees after Esma bribes him with a gold piece).

At dusk, just as the others are finishing up supper, they hear a scream from one of the nearby sludge-pools. One of the servants, who went to clean the pots, is being eaten by a giant, four-eyed mutant frog! While Pung, Ragnar, Leoren and Leoren’s bodyguard, Oxnard, run to fight it and perhaps pull Leoren’s manservant from it’s mouth, 4th & Arren pelt it from a distance with arrows & sling-stones.

Up on the hill the Goblins have their own problems. Before Esma can take advantage of the romantic scenery, she & Ed hear clicking noises from behind them. A swarm of perhaps a dozen unusually large insects come spilling out from the mine elevator shaft, right towards them! So the Goblins do what any good Goblin would do in such circumstances… they flee back down the hill towards the rest of their party!

The Goblins reach the campsite just ahead of the insects as the rest of their company is finishing off the immense amphibian. Beat-up from their fight, the rest of the Lightning Racers aren’t happy to turn around to see the wave of bugs swarming down them just behind the screaming goblins. More so when the Goblins vanish (to hide in the shadows of the mine-entrance) & Pung runs away (to the Lightning Racer, only to find Esma kept the keys), leaving the rest of them to deal with the onrushing mass…


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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