Monday Night Madness

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Mines of Madness! - Episode 3.5

Swarmed again!

The Lightning Racers:

  • Edwin O’Flaherty, Goblin Rogue Mountebank, Militiaman and entrepreneur. Bearer of the Savage Ornament.
  • Esma, Goblin Rogue Scout, Edwin’s unwanted partner in crime.
  • Ragnar, Dwarf Priest Psychic, cheerful servant of honored dwarven ancestors.
  • Pung, murderous Orc Warrior Consumer with an eating disorder.
  • 4th, Hobgoblin Warrior Ranger, Militiaman, medic and lackadaisical refugee.
  • *Leoren, Human Warrior Mystic, Country Noblewoman turned adventurer’s apprentice.

The following morning the gang heads back into the mine (leaving Leoren’s bodyguard & servant to watch over the campsite, and keep an eye out for the missing boy, Arren).

Again they they pile into carts & roll down into darkness. And again, near the first elevator, they run smack into a mob of zombie miners, this time led by not one but TWO of the ancient warrior Wights. But this time Esma lets the lead cart slam into the middle of the mob, while 4th slams on the breaks of the second (resulting in Edwin flying head over heals to land on his bum). Esma slashes at one of the ancient undead warlords before dashing to join Ed as the Goblin pair hide around the corner. leaving Leoren & Ragnar to be swarmed by the restless miners. Pung leaps out of the second cart to charge the Wights, while 4th peppers them with arrows.

Fear gnawing at him, Ragnar fumbles his glowing axe, dropping it among the undead throne outside his cart, forcing him to relly on his earth magic (as focused through his psychic arts), while Leoren starts wildly stabbing with her spear and throwing punches. As the Goblins add to their injuries, dashing in and out to kite the Wights (doing a lot of damage in no small part to the Savage Ornament, Pung is mightily dismayed when he misses and breaks his Greataxe on the rails.

THough the first Wight soon drops thanks to their combined efforts, Ragnar is badly hurt, falling unconscious for a moment before quickly rebounding. As Ragnar recovers the gang manages to drop the second Wight (the nail in his coffin coming from a now raging 4th), allowing the gang to redirect their focus breaking the miner zombies’ formation.

Broken into more manageable numbers the party finds it’s child’s-play to mop up the remaining shambling undead. With most of their members badly hurt, it is ultimately agreed that they should retreat to camp and rest for the rest of the day (though several are sickened by Pung pausing to drink the black substance that passes for blood in the Wights “so I can heal quick-like…” he grumbles).

But the blood does nothing but make him sick to his stomach.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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