Here’s a complete list of Shadow of the Demon Lord Ancestries (what D&D and other games would call Races).. I have set them up in the form of random tables for the truly lazy, but I otherwise discourage that method of choosing where to go with your character:

Ancestries for the Morfairsing Bloom Campaign…

3d6 roll Ancestry book notes
3 Clockwork SotDL core
4-5 Changeling SotDL core
6-8. Dwarf SotDL core
9-12. Human SotDL core
13-15 Orc SotDL core
16-17 Goblin SotDL core
18 roll a d20 on the “You just had to be a funky bastard” table below
1d20 roll Unusual Ancestry book notes
1 Faun DL Companion
2 Halfling DL Companion
3 Vampire ToD requires a Capstone Ancestry
4 Revenant ToD requires a Capstone Ancestry
5 Salamander ToD
6 Gnome Children of the Restless Earth
7 Elf Terrible Beauty
8 Pixie Terrible Beauty
9 Hobgoblin Terrible Beauty
10 Cambion Exquisite Suffering
11 Incarnate Hunger in the Void requires a Capstone Ancestry
12 Jotun A Glorious Death Advanced Ancestry
13 Ghoul Flesh of the Fallen Advanced Ancestry
14 Skinchanger Tooth & Claw requires a Capstone Ancestry
15 Fomor Hunger in the Void warning: MONSTER!
16 Warg Hunger in the Void warning: MONSTER!
17 Bugbear Hunger in the Void warning: MONSTER!
18 Lizardman Foulest Reptiles warning: MONSTER!
19 Ogre Ghastly Gourmands warning: MONSTER!
20 Transcendent Godless

Advanced Ancestries don’t get a Novice career.
Capstone Ancestries have to roll as another Ancestry (restricted by Capstone Ancestry – read up on it) before applying the Capstone Ancestry.
Monster Ancestries are usually poorly balanced, don’t have wonderful supporting tables to roll background stuff, and may get attacked out of turn walking into the wrong cities/towns/villages, as well as be randomly attacked by bum adventurers who want to steal your shoes.


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