Here’s a complete list of Shadow of the Demon Lord Careers, insofar as they are as yet relevant to the game. I have set them up in the form of random tables for the truly lazy, but I otherwise discourage that method of choosing where to go with your character:

Novice Paths for the Morfairsing Bloom Campaign…

Presuming you’re not using an Advanced Ancestry, pick a Career, or roll a d5:

d5 roll Career book
1. Adept Forbidden Rules
2. Magician SotDL core
3. Priest SotDL core
4. Rogue SotDL core
5. Warrior SotDL core

Expert Paths for the Morfairsing Bloom Campaign…

Pick a Path, or roll a d6 to pick a table, then roll as the table dictates (you lazy bugger):

d6 Path Table book/article
1. roll 2d6 Paths of Faith
2. Cleric SotDL core
3. Druid SotDL core
4. Oracle SotDL core
5. Paladin SotDL core
6. Shaman DL Companion
7. Warden DL Companion
8. Apostate Kingdom of God
9. Preacher Godless
10. Flagellant Kingdom of God
11. Anchorite Kingdom of God
12. Sin Eater Kingdom of God
2. roll 1d3+1d6 Paths of Power
2. Artificer SotDL core
3. Sorcerer SotDL core
4. Witch Paths of Power
5. Wizard Paths of Power
6. Elementalist DL Companion
7. Psychic DL Companion
8. Occultist Paths of Power
9. Spellbinder Paths of Power
3. 1d3+1d6 Paths of Trickery
2. Assassin SotDL core
3. Scout SotDL core
4. Thief SotDL core
5. Warlock Paths of Power
6. Mountebank DL Companion
7. Sage DL Companion
8. Grease Monkey Godless
9. Agent Kingdom of God
4. 1d3+1d6 Paths of War
2. Berserker SotDL core
3. Fighter SotDL core
4. Ranger SotDL core
5. Mystic DL Companion
6. Swashbuckler DL Companion
7. Juggernaut A Glorious Death
8. Road Warrior Godless
9. Raider Godless
5. 1d3 Paths of Hunger (if you get a result that you can’t accept, re-roll)
1. Consumer (must be alive and need to eat) Feast of Flesh
2. Collector Feast of Flesh
3. Prince of Darkness (must be a Vampire) Tombs of Desolation
6. 1d6 Paths of the Dedicated (if you get a result that you can’t accept, re-roll)
1. Gothi (Dark Gods faith) Uncertain Faiths
2. Grudge Bearer (Honored Dead faith) For Gold & Glory
3. Devotee of the Goblin King (sworn to the Goblin King) Snot & Stitches
4. Avowed (sworn to a Fairy Lord/Lady) Terrible Beauty
5. Red Cloak (oath of pacifism) Kingdom of God
6. Spirit Singer (ties to the Skraylings) Song of the Woad


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