Here’s a short list of Languages as familiar to those in Aparagodänĩya:

Modern Languages of Aparagodaniya:

  • Machanaean: the Imperial tongue, it is spoken not only in Machanaea, but much of the world (thanks to millennium of Trinitarian Missionaries spreading their faith).
  • Y’tllian: the speech of the Prophet is also known most places due to the wandering Monks spreading their wisdom.
  • Dwinlish (Dwarvish): known mostly by Dwarves or those who conduct a lot of traid with them. Their Runic alphabet is popular among many magicians, but Dwarves find such cultural appropriation offensive.
  • Jutlish (Trollish): used mainly by the mountain-loving Jotun and other Giant races, it’s writings are mostly lost to history.
  • Hemish (Halfling): the language of the once notable trade empire, the Hem’dai League, the wandering Halflings keep their language very much alive, using it as a way to protect their culture and secretly chat behind the backs of others.
  • Carcylian (Elvish): The language of the Faeries, mortal races find it a very romantic language. Until they talk to a Goblin.
  • Duuldan (Dark Speech): the fell speech is well known to Demons, Orcs, Beastmen, and practitioners of forbidden magic. It has more vulgar terms than any other language, and makes many who hear it ill.
  • Fainish: the language of the small nation-state of Fainland, it is sometimes used by Druids for private discourse or for ritual ceremonies.
  • Witchlander Patois: The Common Tongue of the Wastes; it is a mix of Machanaean, Venthian, Carcylian, Duulian & Alorian and is mainly used for trade.

Foreign Languages:

  • Tamrothian: the language of the Temrothi Empire, well known to any who do busness on the Sea of Tears.
  • Ungolian: a little known language spoken almost exclusively in the Ungol Khanite, it has more words for how to kill than any other.
  • Leng: the language of the mysterious and frightening plateau people.
  • Strigothan: used by the barbaric kingdom of the far east.
  • X’duuldan: similar to Dark Speech in many respects, but somehow far more melancholic and refined, it is the language of the undead kingdom of Xethenduul.
  • Arasthian: the flowery yet fast-paced language of the Arasthians.
  • Nybathian: A curt, dry language filled with singing tones and odd clicks.
  • Skrayling. the speech of the nomad tribes that live in the cold wastelands of Uttarakuru.

Dead or Dying Languages:

  • Venthian: rarely spoken outside of the Free City of Seline, it has some interesting linguistic commonalities with both Dwinlish and Duuldan.
  • Lenoeran: once one of the most common languages spoken across the continent, it is now mainly used by scholars of history to read musty books of the now long dead kingdom Lenoere.
  • Drechnalian: known as the language of Dragons, it is sometimes called High Machanaean, and is frequently used as a religious language by the Trinitarian Church.,
  • Alorian: another dead language, it is still used by scholars of History, and practitioners of the Old Faith.
  • Eslaki: the language once used by those who once lived beyond Eslak’s Span. Few but the most obscure sages still speak or read it.


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